Giving You the Canine 411

When you pick up your canine companion at the end of their stay, you’ll receive a detailed report card about your pooch for each day they spent with us. We make it our mission to share some of the highlights of their visit, provide general disposition, behavior, and mood notes, and often times give you something a little extra such as pictures and videos! When you pick up your dog from our care, you’ll be emailed and/or texted a message with their doggy report card so you can review how their stay with us was!

Medication Notes

When your fur baby requires extra care, we know how much you worry about them while you are away. It’s our mission to ensure that you have peace of mind knowing they are in great hands and that their medication is being properly administered. In your report card, we’ll make sure to document when your pup received their medication or if your dog refused the medication.

Feeding Summary

In your doggy’s report card, you’ll find their feeding report. For every meal provided to them, we’ll mark whether they ate all, some, or none of their food. For some pups, it’s absolutely normal for them to skip or reduce their meal intake while they are in a new environment. If you notice they did not eat for a day or two, don’t be alarmed. At Bowhaus, we’ll do our best to encourage your pooch to eat, whether that be by enticing them through hand feeling, adding a little warm water, or sometimes giving them wet food (if no allergies are indicated).