Bowhaus owner Dan Nicholson always had a love for dogs, along with an entrepreneurial mindset and the desire to provide gainful employment for himself and others! It was always his desire to find some way to incorporate his passion for dogs into a business.

One day while Dan was out skiing with his friends in Crested Butte, he imagined a way that his two interests could collide! Dan’s original idea for his new business venture was to create a tourist attraction nestled in the Colorado Rocky Mountains centered around dogs. However, this idea did not pan out as imagined and thus a new dream needed to be born.

Years after his initial idea, Dan read an article about the first Doggy Daycare that had opened up in the Boston area – The Common Dog. A light bulb went off. Within just a few weeks, Susan Nicholson, found a doggy daycare business for sale in the area, and encouraged Dan to make his dream a reality!

In 2001, Dan and Susan bought the business then known as the The Critter Nanny and renamed it Bowhaus. They took their business to their new neighborhood of Brownsville and opened it just in time for Thanksgiving festivities! Back then the dogs were boarded in a finished basement and played to their heart’s content in the backyard.

After a few years of running Bowhaus in the quiet suburban neighborhood of Brownsville, their neighbor began to express concerns about the amount of traffic the business was generating. This made Dan realize that this was the perfect opportunity to expand the business. After meticulous planning and a greal deal of dedication, Dan & Susan were able to overcome the hurdles that were placed in front of them and opened Bowhaus Erie in October 2005.

The business flourished after the Erie location opened, and in 2012 a building that Dan had been keeping his eye on went up for sale. Just shortly after the successful opening of the Erie location, Bowhaus Boulder opened its doors in June of 2013. Now pet owners all over Colorado could enjoy the peace of mind of bringing their beloved pups to a safe and caring boarding facility like Bowhaus.

Dan was able to finally put his two passions together and built a business that could employ others and create a space where dogs can be social! At Bowhaus, we understand that dogs are social beings and benefit tremendously from group play and positive human interaction. It’s has always been Dan’s mission to build a welcoming and wonderful place where staff and dogs can enjoy his vision alike.

For the future of Bowhaus, Dan hopes to expand and become a leader and inspiration to others in the canine care industry. Dan truly believes in his cause, and his employees do too!