Boarding Rates

Standard Boarding

Number of DogsPrice
1 Dog$41/night
2 Dogs$76/night ($38/dog)
3 Dogs$108/night ($36/dog)
Late Checkout Fee (after 10AM)$21/Dog

Long Stay Discounts

Length of StayPrice per Night
10-19 Nights$38/night
20+ Nights$36/night
Personal Play Time/ Enrichment Session$6 per $15min

Between multiple-dog prices and longer-stay prices, we will give you whatever is the lower applicable price. Boarding is morning to morning: if you pick up after 10am, there is a $22 discounted daycare fee for that day.

Daycare Rates

Standard Daycare Rates

Single Day DaycareRate
1 Dog per Day$29
2 Dogs per Day$52
3 Dogs per Day$74

Multi-Day Packages

Daycare PackagesRate
10 Full-Day Credits$270 ($27/day)
20 Full-Day Credits$490 ($24.50/day)

Other Daycare RatesRate
Daycare Trial Day$20 / Dog

Add-on Services

Long Walk$20
"No Frills" Bath (50-75 lbs)$40
"No Frills" Bath (75+ lbs)$50
Quick Brush Out (10–15Mins.)$10
Nail Trim$12
Warm Stew Treat$2
Personal Enrichment Session
Personal 1:1 time with your dog doing an activity of your choice: Fetch, pool time (seasonal) chase, cuddle time, bedtime story.