Daycare Hours

Daycare HoursNow 7 Days a Week!
Play & Social Time6:30AM–3:15PM
Drop-Offs Allowed6:30AM–10AM

(The Earlier The Better, Thanks!)
Pick-Ups Allowed4PM–7PM
Lunch/Nap Time11AM–1PM

Please Note: Hours are always subject to change and variation.

Lunch/Nap Time is for young puppies and those who request a lunch/nap time only, otherwise your dog(s) will be playing all day.

Daycare Rates

Single Day DaycareRate
1 Dog per Day$29
2 Dogs per Day$52
3 Dogs per Day$74

Multi-Day Packages

Daycare PackagesRate
10 Full-Day Credits$270 ($27/day)
20 Full-Day Credits$490 ($24.50/day)

1 Credit: 1 day of daycare for 1 dog.
*Please note: packages are non-refundable after 30 days. Package Credits do not expire.